Monday, May 10, 2010

just so you know. . .

People who visit here, often
comment on how idyllic our life seems,
and in many ways it is wonderful.

...but I do live in the real world.

Tea With Lucy is my happy place.
It's where I focus on what brings me joy.
Show gratitude for all the blessings.

In that way it's changed my life,
helped shaped the way I look at my world.

The messy, maddening and mundane do exist,
but you won't find them here.

...just so you know.

(This post was inspired
by Jodi.
Weaver of wise and wonderful words!)

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  1. wow! so true, thanks for reminding us of this as sometimes i know I tend to think that bloggers have perfect lives...but really, we are all human..thank you
    ..and I love visiting here ♥

  2. First time here...and what you write is so true, everyone goes through ups and downs and it is nice to know that you don't have the perfect life. So many times you see blogs that are really unrealistic and it gets depressing. Life is full of blessings but we are too busy looking at what is missing that we don't see these things. Thanks for living in the real world.

  3. I totally understand. My blog is primarily my place to write about my crafty/creative doings with a few mentions of my family life, and I'd rather spend my time writing about the nice things (with the occasional whine or complaint, of course!). I can do enough talking about the challenging stuff in real life. ;)

  4. Oh I know. I know. It's a safe happy place. Calm Blue Ocean. Calm Blue Ocean. Who used to say that? Was it a Seinfeld quote?

  5. Our blog space can be whatever we wish it to be ... on some days, I look forward to blogging as a peaceful and artistic endeavor, and on others I blog as a frustrated woman who needs to get her thoughts down in order to move on :). I do love visiting blogs, though, that are consistently peaceful and wise and loving. It uplifts me on those days I feel saddened by something.

  6. I was Jodie-inspired on Friday. Can't tell you how difficult it was to write that 'happy' post because of that - it's just it was the one bubbling away in the brain. I wholeheartedly agree with your bloggy approach. I so appreciate the blog headspace and won't be posting images of the teetering dirty laundry towers anytime soon (but very happy to tell all - in graphic detail!).

  7. you're a sweetie. daniel sometimes sings a song about blogland that includes these facts:
    "house is always tidy, children are always smiling, lots of craft gets done, everyone is happy." hehe


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