Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the fig tree

One of the toughest things about leaving the big smoke
was leaving the old fig tree in our backyard,
just as all the fruit was about to ripen.

I've been thinking a lot about that tree.
Wondering if the new tenants have discovered it
and the sweet delectable treasures.

Then, last week, my husband discovered a big ol' fig tree,
at the back of a vacant lot in the heart of town,
groaning under the weight of delicious ripe fruit.

We've been visiting there often,
scrambling through the overgrown garden
to feast on the endless supply.

Happy days!
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  1. My folks left an enormous fig tree when they moved a few years back. I am sure they much rather the abundantly full life they're leading now - and I am sure there are figs to share elsewhere. Yah for finding an abandoned tree.

  2. I love fresh figs!! I always buy them when I am on my summer holiday in Italy!!! There are only two of us that eat them - obviously I make sure we eat as many as possible!!!

  3. What a find! Hope all is well with your growing tummy. X

  4. The first time I tried a fig was last year and they're ridiculously delicious. Unfortunately there's very little chance of me finding a fig tree nearby. Enjoy!

  5. when we left one of our houses when the owners sold it, we left an full, almost ripe peach tree. it's the one thing i miss most about our old place. i feel so sad that we don't have it anymore. i'd love to plant one, but as a renter, you don't know if you will be there to enjoy the fruit :(
    how lucky for you to find another supply :)


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