Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the fig tree

The fig tree is one of my favourite things about our place.

I love watching the seasons change through this tree.

In summer it provides dense shade and creates a cool refuge from the heat. We'll eat outdoors. Sitting at a table under the shade of the fig tree and grape vines.

A few weeks into the new year you'll find it heavy with ripe fruit. Sweet delicious treasures. A reminder of the time of the year when The Little One was born. The tree of life. We'll climb the ladder (or the tree) and feast on our harvest. Then and there. Never enough willpower to save any for jam or drying.

A couple of months later, in true autumn style, the leaves will start to drop. Crunchy underfoot.

Then come winter, bare branches allow any precious sunlight to flood into the yard.

And right now? The fig tree is telling me that spring is here.


  1. What a lovely whimsical post, I can picture you up amongst the fig branches feasting on the warm, sweet fruit. Mmmm.

  2. Sigh. That sounds so idyllic. The only thing stuck in my head from when my littlest one was born (almost a year ago) is the Night Garden DVD we had on repeat play for my toddler. How I wish I had a fig tree to remember by...

  3. I know exactly what you mean and now that I think we may finally live somewhere more than a few years I am finally ready to plant one of my own.


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