Monday, February 22, 2010

corners of our new home. . .

There have been a few requests for a peek at our new home.
I know how much I love a snoop in other people's houses,
so I thought I'd indulge you.

It's a rambling little cottage, built in the 1940s.
It's kind of creaky and hodge podge,
just the way we like it.

It sits on half an acre,
just a stones throw from the water
with the most amazing backyard.
(more on that later)

We're renting for a year.
Giving us a chance to test the waters,
before we commit to building on our block.

Let's start with the lounge room, shall we?

The Noguchi coffee table was from my beloved for my 30th birthday. Clever boy!
The white couch, obviously a pre-child purchase. The throw and floor rug came from his grandmother, Nancy.

The Sleepy Hollow Chair came from an auction with some money my parents gave me for my 21st birthday.The canvas was a Christmas gift for the Daddy-o last year. All his favourite spots on the coast (that we get to enjoy while he works!).

Pictures of friends on family on every wall and surface. Remember these flowers?

This lamp came from my Gran. I remember Papa sitting under it in his big brown chair, pipe in hand. He bought it at a farm clearing sale. $5 I think? The wool on the shade was shorn from a sheep off the family farm and spun by Gran. The clock was from my mum a few Christmas' back.

The fire is all set and ready to go.
Sure to get plenty of use in the coming winter.

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Phew. That was a bit of a marathon, wasn't it?
Let me know if you'd like to see more.

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  1. Oh fantastic stuff! - yes please I'll have some more. Love a good snoop.

  2. It all looks lovely!!! I hope you enjoy living there!!! Thank you for the peek!!!

  3. Thanks for offering a little peak. I love to see how people decorate/live in their homes. It sounds perfectly lovely.

  4. Yes, please! I love looking at other people's houses too! Yours is just lovely. Nic

  5. Thank you for a peek into your lovely home. I am very curious to see the stones throw to the water!

  6. Thanks for sharing these corners of your home - it really is lovely. The cushion on your lounge is so pretty and love the bus roll - we love all those places too - where did you get it made? Would love to see more of your home!! x

  7. gorgeous. yes, let's see more! x

  8. Oh thank you for the little look - it all looks wonderful. X


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