Sunday, November 15, 2009

a box of treasure. . .

My Gran knows me well.

She knew the joy this gift would bring me.

How much I would treasure this box and its contents.

When I was young my cousins and I would spend hours playing dress ups with these things in her playroom.

. . . and now The Little One can do the same.

: :

The case she purchased on a trip she took as a sweet 16 year old.
Travelling solo by train from the Western Australian wheatbelt
to visit relatives in Victoria.
She worked picking fruit and from her pay cheque
purchased this hat box.
Inside the lid her uncle inscribed her name and return destination.
The year was 1948.

The pink hat she wore as part of her "going away outfit" when she married my Papa in 1952.

The black hat she wore years later as she walked around the bush golf course on wet wintry days.

Another hat that belonged to her mother, Dolly.
That makes it The Little One's great-great grandmother's hat!

The origin of the fancy patent red shoes is unknown.
But they're a perfect fit for me now
and they come with a matching red handbag!


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  1. One priceless gem of a treasure chest, that.

  2. Treasure is right. How amazing to have such special things handed down. I used to play dress up in my great-great grandmother's things. I remember a black skirt and blouse with some tiny boots. I fit into them easily when I was 8 or 9 and would never be able to squeeze into them as an adult. People were so tiny! :)

  3. Treasures that come with family stories. That's too, too precious.

  4. That is a wonderful, wonderful box of treasures.

  5. oh wow what amazing treasures and such beautiful history! too special x


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