Tuesday, August 18, 2009

who do you think you are?

There's some lively discussion going on over at Meet Me At Mikes, in case you haven't seen it.

Some of the questions posed:

Is the YOU on your blog, the kind of you that your friends and family would recognise?
Or is the YOU on your blog a kind of concentrated, super-good version of who you are?
Do you use your blog to collect up and publish the kind of person you strive to be?
Or is your blog all about venting and exposing your readers to yourself, warts and all?
Is your blog a confessional, brutally honest?
Or is it more about being positive and optimistic, and thus you leave the bad bits out?
Are you keeping a personal log? Or are you keeping up appearances?

Got me thinking. . . lots.

In some ways I find that I'm more authentic on my blog than in real life. Blogging has put me in touch with people who share my passions. Who get excited about chooks, or what I've just made and think finding treasure in a skip bin is really ok. It’s helped me to get to know myself better.

My blog is definitely rosier than real life. But blogs are just a glimpse into someone’s life, not the whole story – and I think people get that. I treat my blog like a gratitude diary. It helps me look for positive things in my life and focus on the good not the bad. I show that in pictures and in words. It’s had a big impact on my life in that way.

I’m a fiercely private person by nature. For a long time my husband was the only person who knew about my blog. More recently I’ve slowly been “coming out” to friends and family. I don’t think it has changed the way I write at all.

I write how I think. A bit stream of consciousness. Not always grammatically correct. But definitely always me!

If you haven't already,
go and check out what others are saying. It makes for an interesting read.


  1. I always find these discussions fascinating. THanks for the link.

    My blog if very much a reflection of "some of me". Just like in real life, you keep some things private with people you don't know as well, and the people closer to you know more about you. I am mindful that anyone who googles a phrase that happens to be in my blog could wind up at my space.

    I never got into facebook because I am a private person too, and don't really want everyone to know everything that I am up to. When I tell people that though they laugh when they discover I have a blog.

    I guess I am full of contradictions!

  2. Hello again, wasn't sure where to reply to your question, so here I am!

    I do love the Antique white in our room and we intend to paint the whole house in it. It is not pink at all in our space and contrasts nicely (but subtly) with the door frames etc that we painted with white enamel. I like it a lot because it isn't a "creamy/yellow" white, which I am very tired of at our place.

    CHoosing paint colour can be so painful- we did it quick, like ripping off a bandaid!

    Good luck! (ps love your bathroom update, I am keen to use some tile paint in our bathroom too. Unfortunately they are textured, so you will still see the suns and squiggles, but at least it will tone them down!)

  3. Thanks for the 'heads up'on this discussion. I will head over and read it with interest.

  4. i read your comment at MMAM and like what you said. I am quite private also and haven't shared news of my fairly new blog with many others but i do love it. i think it's real, i try to be authentic. i just choose to post about the things that i love

  5. Thanks for getting me thinking too, I will pop over there and think a bit more on it. But, like you, I am quite private and hardly anyone knows about my blog, which I think is kind of the bits of the real me I'd bother to put down in a diary, ie. sure there's stuff I don't bother writing about that is not as interesting/nice/pretty but who wants to remember that stuff? It might not be the whole picture but nor is it fake.

  6. I think I am a bit like everyone else here - I write what I am thinking about. Always grammatically incorrect (me not everyone else!). I do omit the stuff that I'd rather not be writing about as I don't wish to give the 'it' (bad day, bad mood, relentless toddler tantrum or testing boundaries type of behaviours, cleaning, rude people messing in my day, bad manners, poor service etc.) any more of my energy. I would rather focus on the good stuff, the stuff that I strive for, that i get enjoyment from and that which makes me and therefore the rest of my kin happy and calm. And I love that via my blog I am linking in with people who share similar passions. It makes me feel good. Thank you for posting about this topic. Peta


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