Monday, August 3, 2009

eye spy : a collection

I'm drawn to old china. Tea cups in particular. Tea tastes better from a cup and saucer, don't you think?

Chips, cracks and crazing just add to the appeal.

I've been given a lot of lovely pieces by the grandmothers in my life. Pieces I treasure.

Here's a peep in my china cabinet.

You can see some other eye spy collections right
here . . . or another collection of mine here.


  1. great photo - looks like a little mouse's eye view

  2. I agree cups and saucers add just the right touch.
    another lovely collection with old-world charm.

  3. very pretty indeed . I love the blue and white.

    THough I have to admit I like to drink my tea out of the biggest mug I can find. Pretty or no. I really like tea.

  4. Beautiful blue and white collection. Grandmothers are very special.

  5. Oh I love tea in a cup. I am inspired now and will have to post some picutures of my little cups and saucers.

    You really do have a lovely blog!


  6. Yes! Tea is best in a cup and saucer. Those egg cups are darling. Wonderful collection.

  7. Tea is always better in a cup and saucer!

    The old china is gorgeous.

    I'm really enjoying your blog - it's my first time here.

  8. Wow, they really are quite lovely. Thanks so much for joining in.


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