Wednesday, June 10, 2009

at home : busy doing nothing

The Little One and I are enjoying a peaceful day at home today. Doing all the things we love best. Pottering and tinkering. Drawing and cooking. Tidying and un-tidying.

There always seems to be such pressure to be busy, busy, busy. Or at least be seen to be busy. We're not a big fan of too many planned activities. Much more content as homebodies.

Take right now for example. The Little One is very busy. Collecting rocks in a cup. Important stuff!

It does appear, however, that some window-cleaning and porch sweeping is in order.


  1. ooh i like doing nothing much too, my weekends are full (or empty?) of it.
    ps I love chooks too :)

  2. Oh yes, I am such a homebody. But everyone else in my little family likes to get out and about. I'm working on them.

  3. I do like a slow day at home...Saturdays are like that around here.
    Your porch looks like a lovely place to potter, tinker or take tea.


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