Saturday, February 27, 2016

time away | nature + art

birdsong meditation to start the day
qi gong circle on the salt lake
bush walks and long talks
eco dying with leaves and bark
colourful parcels of wool and silk 
bush creatures and solar prints
leaf rubbing and lino printing
slowing down and tuning in
focusing on the process over the product
dinner and drinks outside
evenings in the old farm house
cosied up in the tent at night

: :

i spent last weekend away at the balijup eco art camp ~
three days and three nights fully immersed in nature and creating


  1. This sounds like bliss...gorgeous colours in your photos, so calm x

  2. I hear the echo of the sere summer landscape in those colours, the crackle of dried bark and leaves underfoot. I can almost smell the dry earth. And you dyed yarn! You lucky thing.xx

    1. So many reminders of the landscape where I grew up! It's amazing how much it changes once you cross the Muirs Highway. I'm so inspired to have that indigo / shibori dyeing day soon. xo

  3. Truly beautiful pics Rach
    -J. Lucy

  4. Beautiful blog Rachel! So poetic, authentic and artistic…

  5. How lovely to stumble across your blog again Rachel. We often think of the beautiful great southern and you living the dream down there. We still have our house but question whether to keep it. We're now over on the Mornington Peninsula, amongst trees, near the water and here for at least a few years. I'll check in here from time to time to see what adventures you're on. Don't hesitate to contact us if you head over this way. Hi to the brood! Claire, Chris, J & A xx

  6. Wow!! rach I LOVE these pictures... so warm... so peaceful so yummy to look at and enjoy! we'd love to come and visit some day!

  7. Hi Rach... I LOVE these pictures... all so yummy, peacfull and perfect! love your eye for nature and pictures! hopefully we can come and see you one day!

  8. I think I need a good craft camp to kick my mojo back into gear!! Tell me, Do you think I could use the bark to die paper. We are experimenting these school holidays with paper making and I would like to give the paper some extra Zing! Any recommendations?


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