Wednesday, September 17, 2014

back again | taking stock . . .

Making : lists and plans
Cooking : lemon pound cake via my primal pal helen
Drinking : kombucha first thing every morning
Wanting: less stuff and more time
Looking: forward to a broome holiday
Playing: twister with elliot
Deciding: to run a sewing workshop
Enjoying: a bit of sleep at last
Waiting: to plant out the veggie patch
Liking: trips to the beach
Loving: the change of season but
Pondering: how little rain we've had
Considering: getting an au pair
Watching: out for snakes
Hoping: to take some art classes
Marvelling: it's 20 years since i finished school
Needing: not much 
Smelling: lemons
Wearing: open shoes again
Following: yogagirl 
Noticing: broad beans growing
Knowing: i should be in bed
Thinking: positively
Admiring: energetic people
Sorting: room by room
Buying: sam a birthday gift
Getting: a load of pig poo delivered
Bookmarking: yoga sequences
Disliking: blowflies
Opening: my book every chance i get
Giggling: at baby words {back-pack, weet-bix, piz-za} 
Feeling: moments of bliss
Snacking: less 
Helping: aila sound out words
Hearing: frogs outside
Wishing: you all well

: :

no better way to launch back in than with a bit of taking stockthe pictures are some i took for elliot's school a while back. it seems i haven't picked up my camera since we returned from melbourne. my apologies for the recent radio silence in these parts (and thanks to those of you who let me know my blog was down) - an extended blogger enforced break and a matter of finding the time to sit down and work out how to fix it. it's good to be back.


  1. Great list and warm photos as always Rachel. Do you know it is 20 years since I left school fact I have a invitation to our 20 reunion stuck to my fridge, but I am absolutely petrified about going. I wonder if I should face those school yard fears or leave them in the past and ditch the reunion? x

  2. Lovely photos and a great list of things to be doing, thinking and dreaming.

  3. Micheal was trying to organise a DDHS reunion at the races but I am not sure if it is going ahead as I have not seen anything else about it on FB. Will let you know if it is happening. As for an Au pair that would be amazing and you would be a better boss than the people I had in the UK!! Great to hear you sounding so positive x

  4. I love this and this list reminds me how much I love reading blogs. Hope all is well and hopefully you won't mind if I make a list like this of my own. Your photos are beautiful as always. Cheers!

  5. i just did this list too. a nice way to sink teeth back into a blog and i love walking away from these lists feeling accomplished in all i am doing (albeit separate from the traditional 'lists' found around these parts) i loved women who run with the wolves, read it as a teen, may need to dig my copy back out. xx

  6. I love your list. I'm "considering" and "marvelling" the exact same things as you. My reunion is in 6 weeks time too - unbelievable that 20 years could have past so quickly isn't it? Glad to see you back x


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