Wednesday, July 9, 2014

at the olive grove | picking and pickling . . .

pictures from a wonderful long weekend at the olive grove. the cousins enjoyed catching up and spending some time together. i think we all did. i returned home with a bucket full of green jumbo kalamatas ~ picked by many hands, big and small. right now i've got them soaking in a brine solution. my first attempt at pickling. i'm using the method that judith used {you can find it here}. all going to plan, they'll be ready for eating in the next week or so. 

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{i'm so thankful that judith kept her blog. i can hear her voice when i visit there.} 


  1. Really gorgeous photos Rachel, looks like great family fun! Good luck with your pickling...we have tried various methods over the years with varying success :)

    1. Thanks Jane. I might need to call on your expertise! xo

  2. Beautiful photos and what a fun family adventure. Hope the pickling goes well... yum!

  3. how exciting and yummy! Those olive branches look so loaded up. Can't wait til mine get like that in 5 years time! LOL

  4. Beautiful photos. I adore everything olive (even have my very own Olive!) and we have had 4 successful years of brining our own olives from our urban backyard trees. But it's always a little hit and miss - and we do it slightly differently each year. So it's always a moment of trepidation and mystery when we crack the first batch for eating! Look forward to hearing how yours go - hope they are delish. xxx

  5. these pictures are so gorgeous, what fun! Actually, my husband might have been in olive heaven right there x

  6. Ohhhh I so love those olive greens and indigo hues! I really think Australia produces some of the best olives in the world!

  7. we did the same last year. i tried a salt preserve method with very little success. next year will play at it again! hope all is well down there and you are staying cosy. xx ashley

  8. We have a small olive grove, not a successful crop this year unfortunately.
    Beautiful pictures.


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