Sunday, October 13, 2013

bringing mindfulness to eating . . .

since we returned from our holiday, i've been trying something new. i'm making an effort to be wholly present when i'm eating. conscious of the food that passes my lips. i'm taking time to be grateful for the effort that went into growing and preparing the meal before me. tasting each mouthful. experiencing the flavour and the texture. it's helping me to feel more satisfied with less. i'm actually listening to my body. tuning into the difference between hunger and tiredness or boredom. especially when i'm feeling exhausted. i'm not depriving myself of anything in particular. but i'm knowing when to stop. i'm eating  sitting at the table. not on the run. not standing at the kitchen bench. not in front of a screen. i'm slowing down. savouring each bite. it's a small change . . . but it's a big one.

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{it's almost five months since oscar was born and finally, with these small changes, the numbers on the scales are starting to come down. there's still a way to go, but feel like i'm heading in the right direction!}


  1. Craig always asks me if I actually chew my food!! I keep making an effort to eat slowly but soon go back to my old ways! Good luck with your challenge

  2. We should all do this Rachel! Lovely photo :)

  3. Wow, that's not easy to do, well done! You inspire worst habit right now is hazelnut chocolate that can sometimes replace a meal entirely..shocking but true!!

  4. Have you read Buddhism for Mothers with lingering questions? She touches on this. p. 228 "For many, the turning point comes when they stop seeing their diet as a means to thinness and start to see it as a means for peace with themselves. Food is, after all, a source of nourishment and joy and wise eating can be part of a spiritual practice." I just read it last night and thought I would share. Returning my copy to the library today! x

  5. Portion control is definitely my sticking point, I simply eat more than I need even though my diet is pretty healthy overall (other the chocolate obviously!). I really need to be more mindful. Thanks for the reminder. How is it that Oscar is 5 months already? x


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