Thursday, June 20, 2013

midwinter making . . .

little lantern in the night
fill our hearts with your warm light
guide us in the way to be
happy, good, strong and free 

tomorrow is the winter solstice. the shortest day and the longest night. tonight we'll rug up and gather with our school community. build a fire, take a lantern walk, sing some songs and share some food. 
we made these simple lanterns for the celebration. glass jars, wire, tissue paper and glue. 

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  1. These candle holders are so beautiful! We're having a neighbourhood solstice party tomorrow night, so might have to steal the idea! enjoy your evening!

  2. The lanterns are planning on making some tomorrow for the lateen walk Saturday night in the hills. Yours look lovely

  3. Gorgeous...can you believe we will back on the journey to summer???

  4. beautiful verse! We are celebrating the summer solstice (I prefer the winter one myself).

  5. So sweet! Lighting a candle for the solstice is very pagan and meaningful. I met my sweetheart on the solstice. x

  6. Love the idea of celebrating the winter solstice this way :)

  7. So pretty! I love the way you celebrate the winter solstice. It gets eclipsed by Christmas for us in the Northern hemisphere so it's really nice to see how you celebrate it. x

  8. Such a beautiful tradition your school community has. Love the lanterns x


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