Wednesday, May 1, 2013

random thoughts & things . . .

sam made this creamy quinoa and chia porridge for breakfast last week. so tasty and very filling. perfect for these chilly mornings we've been having. {it's a thermomix recipe, but could easily be cooked on the stovetop}. 

a few people asked about the birth affirmations i posted about a little while back. i found this site where you can stream or download them for free. there's also a guided relaxation meditation. 

after six idyllic months scratching around on the hillside, two of these guys are now in the freezer. it was a job we were dreading, but some friends showed us how to approach the task calmly and humanely. it feels like the responsible thing to do as chicken keeping meat eaters.

since picmonkey started charging a fee, my photos have been mostly unedited. but after much searching i've discovered ribbet. their subtle filters are just what i was after. i used 'los angeles' on the photo above, with the strength turned right down.

when i saw this warehouse conversion featured on house nerd, it was almost enough to make me pack up and move back to the city. maya has a knack for finding and featuring some of the coolest houses around. 

apparently i'm a bit slow on the uptake, but i finally bought some dry shampoo and it has revolutionised my world. how did i ever live without it? 

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i was worried that these school holidays were going to be a lot of hard work, coinciding with the final weeks of pregnancy. i'm a bit surprised at how wonderful they have been. i really don't want them to end next week. 


  1. Love this photo and your sifter Rachel. I have been considering putting together a new blog header featuring an old sifter! I have used picmonkey occasionally...I might have to check out ribbet, thanks for the suggestion.

    That warehouse, I want it too. Love it.

    Dry shampoo, sounds like I need to find some x

  2. I've had that quinoa porridge recipe on a Pinterest board for a few weeks and looked it up last night to have for breakfast this morning. It didn't happen though because I don't have quinoa in flake form, only whole. I might give it a go with the whole stuff till I get flakes anyway. And great photo, your sifter reminds me of mums old one from when we were little, except hers was white with yellow flowers and green leaves.

  3. I've been thinking about making chia porridge in the Thermomix - thanks for this link - except like Maggie above I only have quinoa in whole form. And what is dry shampoo??

    1. I think the whole quinoa would be fine, but you'd need to give it a fair bit of extra cooking time.

      Dry shampoo is a spray (or powder) that soaks up the oil in your hair and buys you extra time between washes. A winner for getting extra life out of a blow dry. Just spray it in and brush it out. Too easy!

      rachel xo

  4. That photo is gorgeous. Thanks for the ribbit tip, I'll look into that.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying these last blissful days before the birth. Take care. x

  5. Oh! Wow!!! Thank you for the mention! What a gorgeous surprise! That warehouse, I think, might be my favourite House Nerd home ever. Maybe. I have a few. But that one was something special.

    And... dry shampoo - how good is it?? I stockpile it. I feel like I was late to it too, but still, better late than never, right?

    I also feel like I am late to quinoa - but finally had some the other weekend, delish.

    Going to check out ribbet - thanks for the tip! Your posts are always so interesting and frequently so relevant to where I am at the moment!


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