Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ripe and ready . . .

i've slipped into that serene space between now and baby. watching and waiting. anticipating something big and exciting on the horizon, but not knowing when. hyper sensitive to every little niggle and twinge. wondering if it will be hours, days or weeks away. 

: :

the acupuncturist thinks there's a baby girl inside {he's known around town for his accurate predictions}.


  1. Hi lovely, just got back a few hours ago from your gorgeous town...had been thinking of you and Allison while I was there, wondering if your precious bubs had arrived yet. Rest up in these final days/weeks xx

  2. Such a beautiful time! Enjoy xx
    My acupuncturist predicted that I was have a girl when I was only 5 weeks pregnant. And he was right :) xxx

  3. Well Im predicting a boy....
    And remember those dark haired girl dreams I had about Alison? Soon I too will be known for my baby accuracy! Xx

  4. Ooh, not long now! I can't wait to hear xx

  5. Oh so great. You seem so serene. Whenever I entered my last two weeks of pregnancy I was a grumpy grump -I think it was the fierce mama in me that said "get away I need to birth this baby in privacy (please)." xo

  6. It is a good place to be! Especially when you are not anxious. I waited, and waited, and it took 12 days longer than I expected, but we got there in the end, and all the waiting was worth it.
    x Karen

  7. I remember that time and place too, especially the second time around when I had a booked cesarean and every twinge made me think I may not be able to wait until the planned day!

    I always think the last three weeks of pregnancy feels like a year, while their first year seems to fly past in just a few weeks.

    Hope you are getting a chance to rest and nest. Take care. xx

  8. right there with you! except i still reckon i have a few weeks to go. thinking of you x

  9. Om shanti sukha om - joyous and peaceful birth (i think I must have left the same comment around this stage of your pregnancy with Elliot).

    Thinking of you beautiful muma. Soft lips, open heart, deep breath x


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