Tuesday, March 5, 2013

three nights in bangkok | the world's your oyster . .

1. lost in translation
2. high tea : an afternoon at the oriental
3. leather shoes : custom made while you wait
4. fresh fruit at every turn : pomegranate juice
5. the view from the bath in our apartment

: :

bangkok was busy and bustling. an opportunity for the little people to get a taste of big city life.  they lapped it up. thrived on the constant buzz, after the tranquility of the first part of our holiday. we hopped on and off river ferries. explored up and down the chao phraya river. spent hours over breakfast. shopped up a storm. caught the skytrain. found some great markets to poke around. ate pad thai by the bucket load. escaped the heat and concrete by swimming in the pool. soaked in the tub. took in the view. got stuck in traffic. snacked on fresh fruit.
 found a whole new appreciation of how clean and quiet life is in the little corner of the world we call home.

: :

{... and that concludes my thai holiday slideshow. thanks for your patience while i recorded these memories!}


  1. Amazing photos. I went to Bangkok for my 21st Birthday, all by myself. I loved it. Can't wait to go back again. Thank you for sharing. x

  2. Beautiful photos! What an exciting adventure for your family!!! I have never been there but it looks very cool and interesting!!!

  3. How much fun!!!! Those sweets look delicious. xxx

  4. Oh wow how wonderful. love the pics. I love Bangkok!

  5. Rach, oh dude, 32 weeks- IT:S SO HARD!!!!


    see you on the sofa, darling

    xo em

    p.s comment irrelevant to this post but blogger bounces won;t let me email you back ss


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