Tuesday, January 8, 2013

just around the corner . . .

early next month this cute little cottage will belong to my mum and dad. 

it's located just down the hill form us, in one of the prettiest little streets in town.
right around the corner from our favourite coffee spot.

it's been about twenty years since i've lived in the same place as my parents.
i went away to boarding school as a teenager and only returned home for holidays and brief visits. 

my folks' current home is almost 700km from here, in the town where I was born and grew up.
the town where they grew up. where they have spent their entire lives. where generations before me have lived. where my grandparents still live. 

this move is huge. and exciting. and wonderful. and brave. 

it's something i've hoped and wished for for a long time. 

family dinners. sleep overs with nanny. popping in for a cuppa. chats on the front porch.
being there for the everyday . . . as well as those big life moments. 

i'm so thrilled to have them close by. we all are.

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  1. I would be so thrilled to have that cottage to go and sit in for cups of tea and visits.
    my parents are on the other end of the world, close to my brothers, and i wish that i could be a heartbeat away.
    family is what counts. xx ashley

  2. So lovely to have your folks nearby, you must be very excited. The cottage looks just lovely.

  3. Oh, how absolutely wonderful! The support of family is invaluable x

  4. What a cute place - how lovely it will be to have your parents nearby! :)

  5. Brave alright! but what a charming cottage. So happy for you and them. What a great start to the year for your family. Jx

  6. That is going to be so wonderful having them so near to you, I bet everyone is very excited. I love cute cottages, so full of charm:) x

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  8. That's so lovely for you guys, Rachel. And the cottage is gorgeous. What fun doing that beauty up. Enjoy more family time. I love having my faily close by...most of the time;) xx

  9. Perfect Rachel, how wonderful and what a beautiful cottage. Like you, I have lived far from my parents for a long time. I miss my mum a lot, especially since our children have come along x

  10. How wonderful for you! I'm looking forward to the day I can write a similar post about my mum moving over here from the UK. And what a lovely cottage. x

  11. Just wonderful. Family really is such a treasure. Enjoy this time and all the new memories you will create in your lovely street full of love. xx

  12. That is so exciting. We moved back from London to be nearer family. Although we miss our friends it was the best decision we have ever made. x

  13. Oh, the cottage looks divine!
    How exciting to have them moving closer. This would make me so happy too!

  14. I am so happy for you, and I totally understand how important this move is for you. The cottage looks beautiful.

    My parents and sisters (and my nieces and nephews) all live 250 miles away where I grew up. Not as far as 700k, granted, but it's too far for the everyday. One day we'll move back home, one day...

    Gillian x

  15. That is a really big move for your parents, but I am sure that it will be so worth it for everyone.
    About 7 years ago, my elderly parents made the big move from being in a different state 1200m away to being only 80 minutes drive away. The move was very stressful for them, selling the house and downsizing as they had 40 years of accumulated belongings.
    However, once they were here, they started enjoying the benefits of family gatherings, grandchildren and all the joys that family life brings.
    Love their new little cottage too!

  16. Dying over that cottage!!! So gorgeous.
    I hear you, we are house hunting for something closer to Mum and Dad back where I grew up. Mind you that's not even 70km's away let alone 700! So happy for you x

  17. Oh Rach - I drive past that little cottage every second day on our coffee run and Ive been wondering who has snaffled that lovely little beauty. Im so so happy its your folks and that they will be so close by now :) Enjoy.

  18. oh that is so so wonderful, lucky you. x

  19. Rachel that is so exciting. I'm absolutely thrilled for you. Having family that you love dearly near by when you have little people is a very special thing.

  20. How wonderful to have your parents so close. It means so much when you have children of your own don't you agree x

  21. Oh how exciting! And what a gorgeous little cottage they will be soon calling home - the pressed tin ceiling is beautiful. It will be so wonderful having your parents close by when your baby joins your family x


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