Sunday, January 13, 2013

2/52 : a portrait project

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Aila: A week of swimming lessons. What a world of difference it made to her confidence. 
Elliot : A maniac in and around the water. No fear. 

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{i'm joining with jodi this year and taking part in the 52 project}


  1. I can see the twinkle in Elliot's eyes, the second one always seems to always be a bit more of a risk taker. xx

  2. I love photos of children and water - there's something so lovely about them. Beautiful portraits, Rachel.

    Sar x

  3. Elliot sounds just like Sophie - a real water baby :) It's amazing how day after day spent in the pool seems to turn cautious ones into mermaids... Grace is the same. After a hesitant start to swimming lessons, having been in our neighbour's pool nearly every day since Christmas, she has become so much more confident!

  4. Beautiful photos, Rachel. Love kids and water photos. x

  5. There are so many amazing water photos in the project this week. Clever parents keeping their little ones cool and content.
    It doesn't take long to build confidence in swimming- lessons are just so important.
    Have a lovely week. Xx

  6. Soon they will be in a swimming club and heading off to country pennants!

  7. Lovely pictures Rachael :) Swimming lessons have done wonders for Sunny too... She has no hesitation jumping into water now - Total water girl! Am actually having a hard time dragging her home after lessons!

    Sophie xo

  8. Love the last image, really. So interesting, textural, peaceful.
    Btw, is Indonesia your secret destination in your above post? That's where I'm blogging from right now!!! It's lovely here!

  9. Gorgeous photos! It's lovely to see what others participating in The 52 Project are posting. Particularly love the last ethereal snap. xo Ash

  10. Lovely captures!
    It looks like you have a couple of water babes there.
    Enjoy your holiday.


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