Tuesday, November 20, 2012

try these : raw chocolate brownies . . .

we whipped up a batch of these raw chocolate brownies this afternoon. 
they are so simple to make. walnuts. dates. almonds. cacao. sea salt.
they are healthy-ish. {dried fruit contains a lot of fructose.}
they tick so many food fad boxes. gluten free. raw food. vegan.
are very quick to make. they took us less than 5 minutes!
but most importantly, they taste AMAZING. 

: :

you can find the recipe here


  1. Yum! I have such a sweet tooth - will try these this weekend. Have a great week!

  2. I AM going to try these! delicious. x

  3. One of my friends makes these, and I have been meaning to give them a try too. All reports say delicious so far! A much healthier substitute for my chocolate crazy kiddos :)
    Rachh x

  4. mmmm I already had this recipe bookmarked but this is prompting me to give it a go! Yours look delicious :) You can't go wrong with nuts and dates and chocolate now can you?

  5. they look amazing! nice photos. xo

  6. Oh yes, we have been enjoying these for quite a few months now. They are so delicious and certainly tick the box when a sweet treat is needed :)

  7. Oh my chocolatey goodness! This must be in for thanksgiving. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  8. Oh they look divine and I will have to try. xx

  9. YUM. I'm definitely going to try these for a special treat :)

    Thanks for the link x


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