Sunday, September 9, 2012

play. . .

{elliot, always with his tongue out when he's concentrating. my dad does this too.}

we spent an afternoon at my cousin's farm
on our trip north last month

our boys were born one day apart
and are so similar in their cute ways

we checked on the chooks 
and fossicked in the shed

and while the kids had fun with the electric car
i played with my cousin's camera

. . . I've been dreaming of a new camera ever since

: :

tell me, what camera do you use?
do you love it?
{i'm thinking about getting a canon}


  1. Sweet pictures, I bet they loved playing in that Electric car. My boy would go crazy for one of those.
    I have a canon EOS 1100D, only had it a few months after my Sony died and still need to read the manual! - I'm pretty pleased with it though, it had eveything I wanted like movie and was in my price range! x

  2. I love that car! My son would adore something like that, but sadly our garden is tiny so he wouldn't get very far on it.

    I have a Canon EOS 1000D. It was a total bargain as they were just about to bring out a newer model. I love it, I just wish I really understood how to use it. But you can take a pretty decent photo just by using the auto-without-flash mode, always lovely and clear. Happy shopping! x

  3. this looks like such a gorgeous day- sunshine and dirt are just awesome. i am very lucky, my darling surprised me with a canon 7D for mother's day last year (he bought it on twelve months interest free) and I love it. i had a canon 1100D (or the old equivalent) before that. absolutely recommend taking a basic course in manual DSLR photography when you get you new baby, it's not that hard, and makes great pictures. happy shopping :)sarah

  4. All my cameras - film, compact and SLR - have been Pentax and I have loved them all, bar the $99 digital compact I bought a fortnight ago to replace one that gave up the ghost after seven years (not bad for a compact - that and it still worked, the cost of replacing the battery and charger though was more than buying new).

  5. rose does that with her tongue too, it's so funny. we have a cannon 7D and I love it.

  6. i am dreaming of owning a canon slr.... still researching... i'd love a 7D but don't know if i can justify spending that much money... my brother has a canon 60D and it takes gorgeous shots. i'd love to know what you decide.
    my son still does the sticking out tongue thing and he is 12... i love it xx

  7. hi there! coming out from the lurking shadows to say your blog and photos are beautiful. i have a canon 30D that i bought new in 2007 and is still going strong. so if you want to get a good deal, a used model from a reliable source could be a good way to go. if you're going to splurge on one thing, do it on lenses. i love the quality of your photos as they are now, though -- i've been jealous of them! sometimes the dslr images are a little too crisp and perfect looking...

  8. This is the life! Gorgeous pics Rach.
    We have a canon EOS 1100D and while I love the quality of the pics I need to learn more about the manual settings.

  9. Beautiful photos Rachel, sounds like a fun visit! I have a Canon EOS 1100D also and I love it! I am signed up to learn a little Tim Coulson magic at one of his workshops in January. I hope then to find my way around the manual settings a little more :)

  10. So sweet. Love the tongue poking out. Cohen does that when he is concentrating too.

    I have a Lumix, but would also love a DSLR. I think I will have to dream about that a little longer though...


  11. Interesting reading what everyone else uses. I just got a new NIkon 3100. I had been Canon for ages, but the Mr has a Nikon and now we can interchange the lenses.
    Rachel I always love your pictures. What ever you choose, you'll weave your magic in to the photos.


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