Monday, September 17, 2012

fly . . .

there's a swing in the big tree
out the back of our house ~
he watches his sister 
and waits for his turn

: :

{...and in the final shedding of his babyhood, he's taken to sleeping all night long, in his own bed. 
what a champion!}


  1. So sweet. What a gorgeous little man.

    Full night sleeping - YAHOOOOOO!!!! Took my daughter 4 years to master that one, and now with my 10month old still waking regularly; I think he's following in his sister's footsteps ;)


    1. We're still waiting for our 4 year old to master it!

      rachel xo

  2. That's quite a milestone! I love this little expressive face as he watches his sister..x

  3. Oh Rach, look at your gorgeous boy...not a baby any more.
    Well done on sleeping a full night, it's complete and utter bliss!

  4. Oh he's so adorable... I really see his sister in the second photo!

    So good to hear he's sleeping through -- gives me hope (a glimmer at least!) x

  5. What a good big boy. LOL And he's adorable.

    ~Coleen at Wind and Roses blog~

  6. Just found your lovely blog. Your pictures are stunning. Well done to that boy of yours for cracking a whole night. How great for both of you to have your first unbroken nights sleep!

  7. Our 3.5 year old is only just starting to stay in his bed and our youngest is 19 months and still sleeps with us. I keep reminding myself that it is'nt forever. They grow up so fast. Not babies for long are they :-) Beautiful photos.


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