Saturday, July 28, 2012

dance . . .

i started taking ballet classes 
when i was about four years old,
and continued taking them
for the next decade or so

. . . and thirty years later
i find myself
taking my own four year old
off to her first class

: :  


  1. And now is her time. Lovely little ballerina :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, that light is amazing. I never did ballet as a child (much too tall and clumsy) but I remember my mum taking my sisters to the local church hall for lessons.

  3. Beautiful photos, rachel! x

  4. wow, that's so lovely. And those photos are just gorgeous... amazing light. xx

  5. these pics are so beautiful. and that hall looks the same as the hall i had my ballet classes in when i was 4 years old xxx

  6. How sweet does your little one look in her ballet outfit!
    My Miss Maggie (aged nearly 5) does ballet too and it brings back so many wonderful memories of me as a kid.
    I hope she enjoyed it

  7. these images ato re stunning. really gave me goosebumps in their day i think i'll be doing the same with my own daughter. such joy in dance. i think she'd love to go now but i don't think there are classes for 2 1/2 year olds. probably because she's tear around like a little tornado. but the outfit she has and practices in at home.

    i hope she had a lovely time in her first lesson. x


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