Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a little secret . . .

for those of you who have asked,
there is no new camera
and no, i haven't started shooting with film

it's still the same old
entry-level pentax
and op shop lenses

but i'll confess,
i have been making
 a few little tweaks in 

{it's free and it's quick and easy to use}

: :

do you edit your photos? what do you use?
does it feel a bit like cheating to you too?


  1. I thought you were announcing another secret.
    And any time I've played with picmonkey I felt like it lessened the quality of my images. Have you found that at all?

    1. Sorry to disappoint! Probably got my mum excited too. . .

      As for picmonkey, I always apply the same filter and don't do much else. I save the image as the medium resolution choice and the quality has been ok

  2. I have to get myself a new camera asap. But, when I do photograph I do indeed feel like I'm cheating when editing a moment which is meant to be 'forever' ingrained into our memories. The most I do is crop or filter, because I forget and shoot late in the day.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I haven't used picmonkey before, so am very keen to check it out now. I use some actions in photoshop every now & then, but most of the time on my blog, I use the photos straight from my camera. I love your effects though. Such a lovely feel to them.

  4. I don't edit very often because I find it too time consuming, but when I do concentrate on it I love the effects. I have not used picmonkey, I have used Pixlr.com Thanks for sharing!

  5. No way! not cheating! I used to use photoshop, but have become lazy and can't be bothered opening it on my dinosaur computer. I use the editing attached to photobucket- i think it's Pixlr that Jane mentioned- that way I'm backing up at the same time. :)sarah

  6. Love your blog! :. I'll definetly follow and come back soon :). Come by my blog is you want too and follow :). I just started blogging yesterday :).


  7. Not cheating at all! I sometimes use pixlr for filters and picmonkey for collages. I try not to play around with them too much though, as it will make me lazy and not care if I take a rubbish photo!

    For what it's worth, I love your photos and they always have a wonderful atmosphere.

    I was hoping you were going to tell us about the goat...

  8. I'm using pic monkey too! I love its simplicity. Well done x

  9. I LOVE Picmonkey too! Was so sad after Piknik went but this is brilliant. I find it hard to take decent pics in Tassie in Winter as it is too dark so it is nice to be able to play with some filters and things to make them more usable. Not cheating, just enhancing :)

  10. I was thinking the same as Kate! Yes-that was a teaser for your poor Mum probably.
    I must check out picmonkey-it looks neat. I haven't got any post-editing software other than the very basic filters that come with iPhoto on our MAC. Occasionally I might use some of the filters in Instagram but those pics are almost always taken by my phone and need a bit of enhancing. I love your pics too, and I don't think its cheating at all. xoxo

  11. This post made me smile because I relate to your feeling of 'cheating' I have only recently starting to adjust exposure, colours etc; using basics on picasa and yes it does feel like cheating! Prior to doing this I had been looking at other blogs thinking gee some of those photos have such a wow factor and in my naivety never considered they had been 'enhanced'! What was I not thinking, it is 2012 we do live in a technological age. But then, I am married to a very old school professional photographer who doesn't use photoshop and relies solely on knowing the light when he takes the photo. Sorry, I'm rambling on a bit now. Enhanced or otherwise I do enjoy your photos and 'cheating' does seem to be the way most photography is done these days.

  12. I haven't played with picmonkey, but definitely don't see it as cheating. It's all part of the creative process I say.
    I always love your photos, beautiful.

  13. me too...a picmonkey girl! i only have a little point and shoot. one day i'd love to have a camera that i can be a bit more creative with and that would challenge me. i really like the effects that the site offers though in the meantime and do all my editing there. a brilliant wee programme that i think i'd happily pay to use too. x


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