Saturday, June 16, 2012

further adventures in bee keeping. . .

our bees recently gifted us another 14 kilograms of honey.
thank you bees!

i once loved watching them busy at work in our garden
... until poor aila had an allergic reaction to a sting

so we packed up the hive and moved it to a new spot 
where they will help pollinate the apple trees

i've been bending the sugar free rules a bit
and enjoying some honey on my porridge most mornings

we're getting through the cold and flu season
with plenty of honey and lemon drinks

elliot loved the honey cake i made for his birthday
{from tessa kiros' apples for jam}

our friends and family 
have been enjoying a taste of the honey too

i mixed up some basic furniture polish
with equal parts melted beeswax and turpentine

i'd like to make some modeling beeswax, like aila uses at kindy
{this method looks good}

we won't mention my failed candle making attempt
{metal in the microwave. oops}

i've been thinking about placing a pollen trap on the hive
{bee pollen has so many health benefits}

we've removed the top box from their hive
so they're snug and cosy for winter

and left them with enough honey filled frames
to get through the lean months ahead

: :

{when i say 'we', i do of course mean 'he' ~
sam does all of the hard heavy work
and endures most of the stings
so we can enjoy the fruits of this wonderful hobby} 

look at the geometric efficiency and perfection of those honeycomb cells ~
everything about these bees amazes me!


  1. It's so amazing and beautiful and it must taste so good. We had hives in our field for a while. They shared the space with the neighbours horses. After many stings we had to let the hives go. Hopefully another day we can do it again. Enjoy!

  2. Bees are incredible creatures...beautiful photos!

  3. Wow. From pollen to honey. It's a beuatiful process.

  4. So fascinating aren't they? Must be the sweetest most gorgeous honey too!

  5. Your bee journey is endlessly fascinating, Lucy. This just looks so beautiful and the bees seem to take you directly to a tick-tock kind of relaxation. They do me! x

  6. So amazing! I can just imagine how deliciously sweet and gooey your honey must be :)

  7. I bend the sugar free rules too and say that we are 'sugar less'. When it comes to the sugar thing, I just feel good that I am so much more conscious of what sweet foods I am eating and sharing with our children. Honey in small amounts is a wonderful food. and it is from your own backyard!! Even better.

  8. WOW you got your own bees, that's so cool! Very very exciting.

  9. lucky you! isn't it the most gorgeous colour. in a random aside I learnt recently that fat in our bodies (the insulatory stuff) is stored in a system exactly like a honey comb. 'mazing x


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