Thursday, June 21, 2012

bits and pieces. . .

a posy from the garden. sweet persimmons. attempting to beat a bothersome cough. fun with a hot glue gun. looking out through freshly washed windows. preparations for mid-winter celebrations. a mountain of lovely laces and linens a friend found for me at the op-shop.


  1. Beautiful!
    Happy solstice lovely girlie.
    I miss you. xx

  2. Lovely images,Rachel. Aren't persimons the most gorgeous fruit? I just bought a persimmon tree yesterday at the nursery. So excited about having my own. Hope the cough heals up quickly. Homeopathics are pretty wonderful. I lean on them for everything. x

  3. lovely post. such gorgeous snippets into your life.

    kel x

    p.s - look at all those amazing linens! eek!

  4. What loveliness. Especially those persimmons and the linens. What are your plans for them both? I quite often see persimmons, but I am never sure what to do with them exactly! My mother has never been an adventurous cook and as a result there were quite a few foods I had no experience with. I've been slowly changing that, but I am yet to tackle the persimmon. :)

    1. I just eat the persimmons whole like apples, skin and all!. Delicious. As for the linens, I'm just admiring them lovingly at the moment. When i work up the nerve, I'd like to cut them up to make a special dress for Aila.

  5. What a lovely view from your windows! That is a fabulous pile of linen and lace you have there, a great find.

  6. Oh what lovely finds, I love doilies x

  7. gorgeousness in always. Hope you get rid of that cough - it's been a bad year so far for nasty bugs x

  8. I've just been looking for diy lantern inspiration this is gorgeous and perfect. Great blog x

  9. i love the tin lantern idea. how clever. xo


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