Monday, May 14, 2012

yesterday. . .

with thunder rumbling in the distance
and black storm clouds rolling overhead
we took the yellow boat down to the river

threw a couple of lines in the water
poured some wine and drifted along
then sought shelter under a bridge

only the sights and sounds
of mother nature all around ~
immersed in real wilderness

a magic mother's day
with my people

: :

{i really do love this family tradition}


  1. Amazing photos Rachel...looks like a beautiful day :)

  2. Beautiful photo of you with your little boy. The bridge is amazing.

  3. That last pic is totally beautiful!

  4. Love it all Rach!! well done taking time to do this!
    love to all the family! and hope to see you all soon!
    Jess Boyd and Co.

  5. Oh I love a storm. What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day. Gorgy photos too, as always x

  6. so perfect. this post took me back to childhood - thank you.
    sounds like a gorgeous mothers day. love the pics too x

  7. That last photo is beautiful x


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