Tuesday, May 22, 2012

possibility . . .

once upon a time
i'd always opt for the easiest pattern
and then race to the end
to get it sewn up quickly

but these days i'm learning
to slow down
take my time
and read the instructions

things that i once dismissed
as all too hard
are actually proving to be
quite achievable 

this approach,
it's opening up a whole new world of possibility

: :

{like shirring ~ not nearly as tricky as it looks
if it wasn't so chilly i'd make myself one of these}


  1. I agree! I have always just sewn the basics, as I am self taught....then I thought I should just teach myself the "harder" stuff...I have surprised even myself. I love this little dress and have a shirring project on my list too!

  2. Sometimes I think I need two projects on the go - one I can race through and the other to take my time. Your sewing is very neat; I could never take a close up of my work.

  3. Oh, that's lovely, great fabric, and very tidy sewing! I would be terrified of attempting something like this as I am a beginner on the sewing machine, but I'm learning that it's good to push myself out of my comfort zone sometimes.

  4. I've had that dress bookmarked for ages but was a bit scared of shirring. Perhaps I should give it a go, well, at least in summer, maybe??? Love your spotty dots.

  5. i love the spotted fabric. what a sweet little dress. well done. xo

  6. Oh so cute! How easy is it to run up a little dress like this one and get so much joy. I love navy spot so fresh.....Lovely!

  7. Such a cute dress. And the fabric is adorable. I need to get my sewing mojo back!

  8. I'm self taught too, would love to learn how to do shirring. What you've made is so pretty x

  9. what a beautiful dress. wow!


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