Friday, May 11, 2012

make your own surface spray. . .

i have dabbled with many recipes
for home cleaning products
with varying degrees of success 

but i keep coming back
to this one
time and time again

here's my recipe for you to try...

: :

Surface Spray Cleaner
                                            1. Fill a spray bottle almost to the top with warm water
2. Add 1 t dish washing liquid {I prefer Morning Fresh}
3. Add 3 T white vinegar
4. Add 1/2 t  eucalyptus oil

{I'm pretty relaxed with these quantities ~
still, it works perfectly every time}

: :

I have been making my own surface spray
ever since i stumbled upon this post


  1. Thanks for sharing. I've been making my own lately too but like the addition of eucalyptus oil to yours so will have to try it x

  2. What sort of surfaces do you use it on? Kitchen?

    1. Kitchen benches and table, bathroom vanity, walls, stovetop, fridge, . . . anywhere you would use a spray and wipe type product.

  3. Love this--thanks so much! I can only imagine how fresh the eucalyptus oil would make things smell. *now planning an extra stop at the health foods store on the way home from work* :)

  4. I use my own surface spray too. It's the same as your but I don't add the dish washing liquid. Works really well and I love the way everything smells after I spray it around everywhere. I use it on my lounges and floor rugs too. Makes them smell yummy and feel fresh.

  5. The same recipe makes an effective fly spray too.

  6. I have a very similar spray that I use, sometimes substituting tea tree for the eucalyptus. Wildecrafted comment is interesting, I'm so trying that :)

  7. oh i do this as well. sometimes with lavander or orange oils : )
    interesting fly spray tip up there too!

  8. Rach I love this spray, my kitchen is sparkling clean. Best not make it look too clean or Craig will never let me have a new kitchen!


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