Monday, April 9, 2012

the rain came . . .

late last week
the rain finally came 
leaving 20 magical millimetres
in the rain gauge,
replenishing the water tank
and making what was dry and brittle
fresh and green again

: :

look at how that garlic
leapt out of the ground
less than a week after being planted


  1. Lovely photos! Home grown garlic is a thing of beauty...I am planting our garlic crop this afternoon :)

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous piccies.
    And ohmygoodness, look how that divine little boy is growing.
    Sending you four a big bunch of love. xx

  3. Gorgeous photos. Glad you've had some rain down your way too - the cool change has been lovely (although today it's warmed up again). Hope you had a nice Easter weekend x

  4. The rain may have been short lived but was such a welcome sight :)


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