Thursday, March 8, 2012

introducing. . .

i'd like you to meet
three dear people
i'm blessed to know
in the real world

they've recently created
some beautiful spaces
right here
in the blogosphere

is my mother-in-law
and produces organic olive oil
: :

an old school friend
who now lives near by
: :

a cooking club friend
and a real foodie
: :

go and say hi ~
tell them i sent you!


  1. IT is always nice to see new blogs.

    Thanks for sharing...

    I wish I could say the same about my MIL ; (

  2. Thank you my dear. You have some lovely people around here. xx

  3. It is such a small world! I used to play netball with Alison when we were young girls.

    (long time reader first time poster!)

  4. Hey Gorgeous! I was just checking in on yours usual and was surprised to see my name and blog getting a special mention. You are so sweet! I am flattered but now I need to make sure I stay updated! ;-) Hope you're all well. xoxo


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