Friday, March 30, 2012

fruits of the season. . .

it's been five weeks now since i quit sugar
so i thought i'd have a go 
at introducing some sweetness
 back into my diet

i'd like to be able to tell you
that i did this in a calm and controlled manner,
but i gorged on those delicious figs
like a woman possessed

. . . just like i do every year

: : 

{hello and welcome
to the recent little influx
of new followers!}


  1. Those figs look devine! I'm dreaming of fig tarts with cream...

  2. oh, tamarillos!
    how did your body take the sugar re-intro?

    1. It was like someone flicked a switch and turned the sweet tooth back on!! Think i need to go cold turkey a bit longer.

  3. gulp. figs. they possess me too! x ashley

  4. You know what... I have never eaten a fresh fig. Only seen withering ones. These looked so fresh and yum!

  5. I am yet to try fresh figs....they look very tempting!
    Good luck with introducing fruit into your diet :)

  6. I have never eaten a fig. True story.

    Hope that reintroducing sugar (through fruit) goes well... and you enjoy it!

  7. my oh my those tamarillos! We had lots of trees of these when I was a kid, but since then I don't buy them as they are hideously expensive in shops. Must plant some trees.
    And figs - I need fig trees too. Yes, I totally devour them just as they are. Sometimes I stop to photograph them, but not very often....

    How are you going with the re-introduction of (fruit) sugar? Curious to hear about it. I'm not sure if I could quit sugar, but am cutting down on it (sort of!).

  8. All that gorgeous fruit ..YUM
    Hope your tummy ok with the sugar - and figs, how could you not!

  9. You quit sugar? Wow! I need to read on and find out about that! Thanks for stopping by my blog as now I have discovered yours - happy days! Great photos. I love the enamel dishes you are using. Gillian x

  10. Wonderful and those bowls! I was the same last year..I put figs with everything! x

  11. I'm always amazed at when I give up sugar how much fruit tastes so sweet and delicious.

    Nina x

  12. Fruits are a safe source of sugar. It's high fructose corn syrup that you want to avoid at all costs.


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