Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the next chapter

the first day of kindergarten
and only a couple of tears
{from me, not her}

: :

bye-bye baby


  1. oh, little precious one off to kindy. she will love it, and it's ok to cry, heaps if you feel like it. you're in good company! Jane x

  2. Oooh, they grow up too fast! You'll be ok, and she'll have a blast!

    Rach x

    hey, that rhymes!

  3. oh... what a big change! hope it wasnt too traumatic :)! lovely photos as always

    Kel x

  4. She's so big now! I love her braids. Special hair for a special day :-)

    I would be sobbing too.


  5. I hope she had the best and that you made it through the day ok, it's hard to say goodbye to them. xxx

  6. Our turn tomorrow - but Ive already got tears running down my face just looking at these pictures. She's ready, but dont think I am.
    Carolyn x

  7. I am so not looking forward when my youngest starts kinder... I have two special years to enjoy before he goes...

  8. It's so bitter sweet, isn't it? My oldest went to grade one today and there were tears from me, not her :). I hope she has a wonderful year.

  9. We had our first kinder day today ... they really do grow up too quickly don't they.
    Hope she had heaps of fun and that you are ok.

  10. Oh I'm hearing you! I'm now putting my 5yo baby on the bus to school for five days a week! Eeek! There were tears from me, that's for sure!

  11. oh rach, this will be me next year (crying!).

    Aila is adrable, very Little House on the Prairie.

    As for her heart name tag - sigh x


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