Sunday, January 22, 2012

days of plenty. . .

reached our fill of zucchini weeks ago

waiting to harvest the first of the tomatoes

enjoying an endless supply of green beans

picking spinach each morning for green smoothies

thanking our new white chooks for their contribution

feeling all virtuous for being on top of the weeding

making beetroot dip, with cumin seeds & garlic

watching the bees busily carry out their work

wishing the basil would be more enthusiastic

eating something from our garden with every meal

nourishing the body & soul

: :

this book has me thinking & talking
about where our food comes from


  1. I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, it was so inspiring and had an enduring effect on the food we eat.

    I grate my zucchini and chuck it in ziplock bags and store in the freezer to use in winter in soups and stews. But right now we are still waiting for our first one! Congratulations on keeping on top of the weeding, that is a splendid effort!


  2. how exciting! nothing better than making food with what you have grown... always makes me feel so proud!

    am still waiting on the husband built chicken coop tho! haha!

    have been wanting to read that book for a while now... might have to check out the local library!

    Kel x

  3. I loved that book. So inspiring.
    Swap you something for some zucchini?...hmm, now what could I swap?

  4. I have a small garden,herbs,toms, lettuce and peppers. I love nurturing the plants, watching the grow and enjoy using them in my kitchen, life is sweet!

  5. Just gorgeous! Can I move in?? ;)

  6. oh, i'm suffering from garden envy. although i'm proud to say that most mornings I adorne my eggs with fresh herbs, basil, oregano, shallots and thyme. the fragrance and taste are second to none. Our chooks are enjoying lots of little grasshoppers that i'm plucking daily from my garden at present. keep up the great work! and I must look for that book too. Jane x

  7. That's quite a bounty. It's lovely to be able to eat from the garden and that basket of produce looks so fresh and delish.

  8. every time i stop by i'm thinking she is living the life.

  9. Love it! We are waiting for tomatoes and spinach this end... not sure why my spinach isn't growing? Lovely, just lovely xx

  10. Ooh, I am a little envious of your harvest but deeply inspired :)
    Our first garden is not doing too badly...the herbs are aplenty as are the tomatoes and capsicum and I finally have the courage to expand into a few other vegetables.


  11. I have to weed again here - argh!

    I also have to do some more hilling - lets hope we get more success...

  12. So much goodness in one blog post - once again you have made very envious of your life!

  13. If only I could swap you some basil from the forest of basil I have growing at the moment, for some of your harvest! xo

  14. I love how healthy your family eats.


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