Sunday, October 23, 2011

our weekend was. . .

catching up on sleep. getting plants in the ground. potato harvesting. a cafe lunch. wine with neighbours. thunder & lightening. torrential rain. a day of inside jobs. plus time on the couch. making & baking. picture hanging. early to bed.


  1. Apart from harvesting potatoes our weekends were very similar. Love a cafe lunch!

  2. Sleep is alluding me at the moment, but we did get lots of inside jobs done :)

  3. Just had a lovely time checking out all your old posts that I'd somehow missed on the blog roll (don't you hate when that happens?) Your new place is looking amazing (love the kitchen!).
    We too did a lot of fruit tree watering this weekend. Though can't beat your little helper for cuteness!

  4. A perfect weekend settling in to your new home : o )


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