Tuesday, September 13, 2011

in the garden. . .

potting up herbs
to take to the new house

pulling carrots
and eating them too

planting raspberry canes
we found at the op-shop (of course!)

building a new greenhouse
from an old bath & shower screen

making pots from newspaper
and planting our veggie seeds


waiting for the builders and to finish their work
so we can get some things in the ground

: :


  1. Oh I love your little garden! We're trying to get ours going again too, but with a big trip overseas planned there isn't much point doing too much!

  2. That looks great! I have my seedlings in old toilet paper rolls, it looks much the same as your set up. I can;t wait to get it all growing!
    Hope you've had a lovely day!
    Rach x

  3. Looks lovely, all that dirt and yummy things growing.

  4. A green house out of a bath and shower curtain...that is genius!! I hope you share it here once it's done :)

    We've had a little fun planting some herbs recently too...I am amazed at how much they have grown already.


  5. All these little seedlings. Symbolic of the new life that's about to bloom for your family. So exciting! x

  6. Yei!!! looks awesome!! I´m just starting my little seed beds over here, welcome spring!

  7. love the growth! they look like the sort of carrots i want to grow. Jane x

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  9. Loving the garden!! Really enjoying following your blog!
    I have to say a big Thank you (so much) for passing by my corner in blog land! Really appreciate your support. Not sure if you're following but would love to have you join my little list of readers if you'd like, of course! x

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of work). So exciting for you!!

  11. Eeps you have so many goodies coming your way!


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