Thursday, June 16, 2011

missing. . .

sunshine. smiling faces and helping hands.
someone to hold the baby. daily massages. playmates.
fragrant frangipanis. walks in the afternoon.
the rickety bridge. the magic laundry basket.
bare feet. bare bottoms. the daddy-o. outdoor showers.
lolling. tropical fruit. delicious meals served three times a day.
fresh juice. lazy days inside the villa gates. friends.


  1. oh i feel your loss

    i remember being so captivated by the daily ritual.


  2. I totally understand. I am missing croissants, french countryside and long train trips :0)

  3. Welcome back! We're supposed to miss these kinds of things - it's what makes them so special! Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time. Gorgeous photos xx claire

  4. Oh how sweet are those bare bottoms with the rashy on the top! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Kellie xx

  5. It sounds like a wonderful holiday. Beautiful photos, I would be missing it too:) xo

  6. the perfect family holiday! i particularly like (want) the massages every day. x

  7. Gosh, this all sounds and looks like perfection.

  8. How wonderful does all of that sound.... I am totally jealous!! As nice as it is to sleep in your own bed again isn't it just crappy to give up some many wonderful things!!

  9. Missing is good. That's what takes you back.

  10. oh my. i would miss those things too. but if you stayed on the magical island you would miss home, your bed, your garden, etc...
    beautiful photos and beautiful blog,
    x ashley


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