Wednesday, May 18, 2011

treasure hunting. . .

some of my latest finds.

i'm drawn to little pottery pieces
at the moment.
jugs, mugs, bowls and vases.
hard to resist bringing them all home.

. . . and on a side note,
the cushion has landed.
so glad you like it cath.

: :


  1. Lovely little vase, I found one last week at the local oppy with a little blue bird on it and a blue tree in the background, so cute!
    Rach x

  2. I found a beautiful handmade earthenware bowl at my local op-shop a couple of weeks ago, i think it may be the start of an addiction!

  3. I have two very similar glass juicers at home. I'm always using them. No flashy electric juicers here. I have the same coloured enamel cup (not sure if yours is enamel though) and my dad declares it his favourite cup because he says its the only one that keeps his tea piping hot.
    Lovely finds xo

  4. Lovely finds :) I have the same glass juicer and a few white enamel mugs that I can't go past vintage ware.

  5. I've popped over from Cath's because I loved your cushion and that sweet brooch so much. Lovely work, Rachel. Nice to meet you. x

  6. wonderful treasure finds as always Rachel.
    I have to stop myself sometimes as I would definitely be classed in the hoarder category if I didn't!

    happy Friday to you ♥


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