Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekending. . .

it's a long weekend in this part of the world.
my baby brother has come to stay.
my parents are arriving soon.
we're making pasta sauce and lemon butter.
doing odd jobs.
reading the papers.
going to see the waifs.
hoping for some more beach weather.
drinking coffee and eating pancakes.

wishing you a wonderful weekend too.



  1. Now that sounds like one perfect weekend. Family and yummy food, papers and coffee and maybe the beach ... and the final piece of the puzzle to make me even more envious "The Waifs" Could it be any more wonderful?

  2. And a wonderful weekend to you too :)
    We are pottering, doing some crafts and enjoying the cooler weather.

  3. Would you mind sending me the recipe for this lemon butter, it sounds heavenly? And, of course I will give you credit if I post about it :)!!! MMMM! I am so intrigued with this lemon butter oh the spoonfuls I would have. XO!


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