Thursday, March 24, 2011

my creative space. . .

hot iron
sharp pins
chokey buttons

why do babies and sewing have to be so incompatible?

: :

i'm trying my hand at patchwork.
truly clueless, scrappy, unskilled,
n0-idea-what-i'm-doing patchwork
{mum, look away now}

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  1. In my opinion, that's some of the best kind of patchwork!

  2. It looks great, and everyone has to start somewhere! Enjoy!

  3. Hiya Rachel, Throwing yourself in, that's the only way to do it! Congrats on your patchwork launch! : )

  4. it doesn't matter if it's made with love... i think your quilt looks lovely. you are quite clever!

  5. I so want to dabble with patchwork this Summer!!! :)

  6. It looks gorgeous to me and a beautiful selection of fabrics. I'd love to have a go of patchwork, good on you for doing it!

  7. My favourite kind of patchwork. Not too perfect and colour coordinated. Beautiful!!!

  8. The perfect type of patchwork and one made with love :)

  9. I was thinking it had been far too long since I checked in here and wanted to do it tonight... and there you were with a message on mine :-)
    Patchwork fascinates me. I've thrown myself in the deep end as well, and have grand visions of heirloom bedspreads passed down from generation to generation... I think I need to practise sewing in a straight line first though....
    Yours is looking mighty fine Mama.


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