Friday, February 4, 2011

the playroom. . .

we're told a successful neurosurgeon once lived here,
and this was his study
...we've lowered the tone somewhat

i think it's my favourite room in the house
with the big stone fireplace
and view of the trees

located right off the living area
{so it actually gets used}
and when the mess gets too much,
we just shut the doors.

: :

thanks for all your kind words yesterday ~
you lovely things


  1. it all looks gorgeous ... the light, the doors, the cute little toys and those sweet little toes!

  2. That's exactly the kind of play space I'd like to have some day, when we're able to finally move into a more suitable house. Gorgeous light in that room!

  3. Super swoon! This might be as big as our apartment. Love that rosy light... Happy Friday!

  4. Ha that would be my favorite room as well especially the fact that you can shut the door when it gets dirty :)!!! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  5. That fireplace- be still my beating heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness. It's all so beautiful. X

  7. there's is a cosy feel to that fireplace. I love your photos - your home seems like a "warm" place.

  8. It looks lovely and the light in their is beautiful. I wish we had a playroom.

  9. sorry playing catchup :)

    I adore your playroom, love everything about it...I want!!

  10. Great photos. I love the warm tones


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