Friday, January 28, 2011

the girls. . .

we thought they'd gone on strike
what with the stress of the move and all
then under the shade of a tree
in a nest made of leaves
we found these.

one for each day in our new home.

: :


  1. ahhh, the girls get funny like that sometimes!
    ours do that aswell from time to time.
    we made a fake egg out of clay & put it in their laying box, i think it helped.

    hope they get back to their routine soon.

  2. Cheeky chookies!

    Loving that bountiful shot...

  3. 17 wow. I love the photo!! Just added your blog to my blog roll as I get so excited when you have a new post!! XO!

  4. Ahh .. sounds like they found their special little spot and boy did they lay!! I would love to have chickens ... such yummy fresh eggs!!

  5. how lovely! getting chickens is the next thing on the 'to do' list at our little farm... i dream of the days i will get 17 eggs!

    kel x


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