Saturday, November 6, 2010

my guy. . .

he held the baby while i sewed

let me sleep in 'til nine

vacuumed the floors

I don't tell him enough,
how wonderful he is

: :

here's the summer dress
that i sewed for her
with a sleep deprived head
and total disregard for the instructions


  1. It's gorgeous! Such a lovely post...and I bet he knows just how wonderful you think he is, I bet he feels just the same, lucky you!

  2. super cute dress. and your guy sounds like a keeper. ;)

  3. Today someone asked the Mr and I how we first became a couple. We really need to nut out some 'abridging'! Happy day to you both...

  4. Guys like that are brilliant. There should be way more of them in the world! Lucky me has snagged one of my own, so I know how fantastic they can be, especially when they let you sleep in :-)

  5. i love the whole set up...very sweet.

  6. I'm catching up on some lovely blogs and i've just read the three posts you've written since Thrifty Thursday. I didn't know which to comment on beacuse they're all so blasted sweet. Love your little love story and the dress is beautiful. Plus you have the cutest little water baby xx

  7. oh, this made me smile because I don't think I tell my man enough times how wonderful he is. I shall have to see to that bad habit. xx
    ps: and the dress of course is lovely. Bon boulot!


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