Sunday, October 24, 2010

our weekend was. . .

a roast dinner up at the shack

fun at the spring fair

making the most of the spring weather

climbing to the top of a mountain

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  1. sounds like weekend perfection!

  2. spring! sounds wonderful. we're wrapping up fall around these parts...

  3. I went to Australia in Aug 2009!! And loved every moment. I came with so much inspiration. Love this blog of yours and your bio about you being a champion tea drinker and maker of scones made me smile!! Cheers! XO

  4. Sounds perfect!
    I've just been reading and thinking about your 'angels and devils' post. Its all very interesting. Because our 3 year old is our youngest we often take the easy way out or use on her the stuff that worked with the bigger ones. But I have printed out the top 10 tips and popped them on the fridge and we'll see if we can't do a little better.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. sounds wonderful, how nice is the asparagus at the moment? sorry had some last night and it was yummmi

  6. What a great weekend - shack cooking too! Thanks for the tip about AFJ, have just bought it - yippee! Enjoy Stephanie!



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