Thursday, July 1, 2010

my creative space. . .

I have a huge backlog of creations to share with you.
All made in those final weeks of pregnancy
when insomnia reigned at night
and distraction from the waiting was required by day.

This little jacket was whipped up in the early hours
for a friends new baby girl.
Lovely soft wool felt
and a cute floral binding.

Do you like my new tags?
Makes my handmade offerings
feel like more of a proper gift
in some strange way.

See what others are creating over here.

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  1. You're so clever! I'm always envious of those who can knit and sew their own clothes for themselves and their children. Just beautiful! xoxox

  2. What a lovely warm jacket for a lucky little baby. I can't believe you can find the time with such a little bubba in the house

  3. Such pretty, and you're right, tags seem to make such a "professional" sort of difference.

  4. That's gorgeous! The tags look very professional too :)


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