Tuesday, July 6, 2010

his story. . .

There is something so powerful and beautiful about a birth story.

I read many in the lead up to Elliot's birth.

Inspiring and empowering.

Every one unique.

... and now as I reflect and compose the story of his birth,
I feel the pure, sweet joy comes flooding back.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

: :


  1. i love birth stories too. it's such an amazing time and so precious and it's wonderful that so many people are prepared to share so that we all know that no two births are alike and that they are special. i can't wait to read yours - i'm sure it will bring back wonderful memories for me.

  2. Birth stories always bring tears to my eyes. Inspiring and empowering, it's true. Looking forward to hearing about Elliot's entry into the world.

  3. And I have no doubt yours will be an equally inspiring, empowering and emotional read. Lovely of you to share it with us. I look forward to it.

  4. dear elliot, what an angel. beautiful picture, mama.xx peaceful times with your new baby.

  5. can't wait... hope we read it before my little one arrives. i love sharing birth stories, i think it helps us realize how natural labour is. xx m.

  6. I love birth stories! So glad you're going to share yours.

  7. every birth is so unique. so, miracle. cannot wait for yours.

  8. Looking forward to hearing it. He is charming...so are those baked goods :o)

  9. looking forward to it...we have a little birthday ritual at our place where the night of each of my boys birthday their bedtime story is their birth story. Each one is unique & I just love to tell them & reminise..all so special & all incredibly somehow very reflective of their individual personalities...

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  11. I LOVE birth stories, so I'm looking forword to yours...

    You have a beautiful baby boy!

    little kiss for him!


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