Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by the front gate. . .

Such a treat to have so many fruit trees on our property.

Something new to discover with each change of season.

The latest offerings from the mandarin.

Located by the front gate.

We grab a few to enjoy,
every time we step out.

Sweet and abundant.


: :

Have you tried these
Mandarin & Polenta Biscuits?


  1. Yesterday me and my anklebiters almost cleaned out the mandarin tree at a friends’ house. Gluttony plus but the sweetest things ever! So you reckon I should make some thank you mandarin and polenta biscuits? That would mean I'd have to beg for a few more...

  2. what a gift, to have fruit available with stretch of hand! citrus dripping manna...

  3. Something amazing: the smell that comes out when you start peeling the mandarin!

  4. Lucky you! It's too cold for citrus here, but the peeps do love delicious mandarins. It must be lovely to pick fresh ones from the tree.

  5. A lovely pic. And, no, I haven't tried those biscuits but they do look good. A zucchini loaf for me this weekend.


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