Friday, April 23, 2010

boy blue . . .

Last night I dreamt of the baby.

He was born wearing a nappy
and for several hours after the birth we left it on.
We didn't need to reveal his gender,
because we already knew he was a boy.

I've had boy vibes from the start
The baby's room has a definite blueness about it
All of our discussions have centered on boys names
I was right with The Little One

... but how much do I trust my intuition this time around?


  1. At the very least you have a 50% chance. But I would be listening to your body. It was funny how many people told me I was having a boy too, just looking at my tummy and asking what I craved. No one said a girl, and they were right.


  2. Good luck and best wishes for whatever it is!!!

  3. One of natures greatest surprises! Instinct must play a part, surely....

  4. it's so hard to say really. i 'felt' the sex of all my babies and i was spot on. but i didn't trust my gut feelings - i waited until i held those babes in my arms.....
    i had a dream, when i was pregnant with emily, that after i gave birth i put her in a bin. that dream still haunts me......

  5. I had a friend who changed her mind about every week, and each time she was "sure" she knew. LOL I don't know, though. I wanted a girl very badly for my first, and all through the pregnancy I wasn't able to imagine her being anything else. And then for some reason I just felt "boy" for my second, and tada! A boy. Blue is nice for either, so I think you're safe whether your gut is right or not. ;)

  6. Oh the mystery! I remember looking at some very sweet girly things in a fancy boutique and Minnie started kicking like crazy. At that point I just thought I think it's a girl. She did the same at a conference I attended about women in politics and the public sector - perhaps they do try and tell us! This time, I don't know... Xxx

  7. Not me! I was sure I was having a boy for all of my three and each time I was wrong. Only boy names and boy feelings.

  8. my goodness you sure are sure. can't wait to find out- either way of course will make no difference at all- you will love the little bundle like you've never loved before! xo m.

  9. I haven't had any babies yet but i hope to be pregnant in afew months time. For as long as i can remember i've had a strong feeling that i'd only have one child and it would be a girl, i even have afew beautiful girls outfits hidden away in a drawer. Can you trust these feelings when you're not even pregnant yet? Only time will tell!


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