Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm dreaming of something fresh out of the pages of Country Style.
My head (and husband) says money pit,
but I'm feeling all reckless and in love.
Logic and common sense gone out the window.

It's derelict for sure.
Destined for the wreckers.
But I want to save it, haul it up to our block
and turn it into a lovely family home.

Can you see the potential too,
or do I need to be told I'm delusional?

: :


  1. I can see the potential, but I couldn't see the text here? It is teeney tiny. I copy and pasted it into word and changed the font size in order to be able to read it! It may be a money pit, but gosh, how lovely could it look? That fireplace, those windows. I would live in it! :)

  2. Someone has to salvage it! All houses are money-pits... if it has 'good bones' you'd at least be starting with a good swathe of materials.

    Of course, I also think you're delusional, but that's because all thoughts of renovation drive me to despair.

  3. I can definitely see the potential. It could be an amazing home!! If you could live with all the renovations!!! Fingers crosses for you then - may your dreams come true!!!

  4. I think it looks lovely -- definitely money pit expensive --- but lovely.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! I can see the potential. All it needs is a lot of love (and unfortunately a lot of $$$'s) - but what a lovely home.

  6. Be INSPIRED by what you see...take away the bits that you love in your mind and then listen to your husband!!!! I live in a relocated home and they need to have good strong "old bones" to handle new life. This one may have a good case of arthritis!!!

  7. it's gorgeous - i hope you can save it!

  8. Oh it's beautiful and I can see why you have fallen in love with it and it does need lots of TLC but the rewards are so worth all the effort.:)

  9. I see it. I do.

    I can see dreams becoming reality there. I hope you can too. x

  10. Wow! I say save it! But it will take a lot of work, heartache and money. But don't all the best things in life?

  11. OMG!! as soon as i spotted this i thought my god she is buying the house i lived in. It is identical, although a little more lived in..LOL
    It was in front of a potato and pea farm just outside Redmond near Denmark, south of Perth. Seriously this place was beautiful. It had the old original wood stove in the kitchen, a fire place in the living room and one in the master b/room. It had a second b/room and a bth/room, also the old loo remained outside. I rented it for $10 @ week 32 years ago and fell pregnant with our first child there. The gentleman we rented it from was born in it and had built his wife her dream home not far from it. I wonder if it is still there today. Sorry i did not mean to bore you with my life story. It just hit home when i saw your pic.
    Save it!! Sweet day :)

  12. I can definitely see its potential - what a gorgeous little cottage :)

  13. I would be dreaming along with you. In fact we have one (a almost unrepairable house) close to us and I visit and dream and wish all the time...

  14. Potential plus if it's solid, if not, a "tribute" may be in order. Good luck!

  15. Oh I see it...I always see it! I think that's why I am called "dreamer" all the time...but dreams lead to reality and nothing is impossible. I'd lie in it as is.... ;) x


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