Thursday, December 17, 2009

a simple & deliberate life

I've been reading an interesting series of posts over at down to earth about leading a more simple and deliberate life, regardless of your age, circumstances or income.

It got me thinking about our life.

If anything, being a stay at home mum has enabled us to slow down and focus on what's important.

We choose to have a simple peaceful routine and not to rush from one activity to the next.

Feeding the animals. Going to the park. Preparing meals. Visiting friends. Watering the garden. Making and baking. And most importantly, taking time to pause in between.

Granted, I only have one child (and a bit) at this point. We may, or may not, find this more challenging as our family grows. Regardless, I'm sure my core values will remain the same.

I'm fortunate not to have to work out of the home. But by the same token, we are not big consumers and being at home means we save money in many ways. It also means that as a family we are less time-poor and rushed.

It's interesting that some people see having children as an impediment to living a simple life, when for me, it certainly has been the catalyst.

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  1. your simple peaceful routine sounds lovely!

  2. lovely image..i agree with you "coming home" was the best choice I ever made concerning my family!

  3. I so appreciate your post. It goes with my 'theme' for the season; comfort and joy. I jumped over to the link you provided to the blog down to earth. What a great resource of information.
    I recently became one of the unemployed and have found that being home and available for my children has been a real eye opener. Even though they are older (16-20) Their needs for me have been great and I would have missed the signals if I'd been at a job.
    Thank you...

  4. I've been a stay at homer for most of this year and at least once a week I wonder if I am doing the right thing for lots of different reasons.

    But you are right. It is very precious and being a mum at home is a role I very much enjoy.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. I really like your reflections, and I think I'll go and read through Rhonda's posts. I don't really feel like I'm living 'slowly' at home. I blame that on lots of things, but I'm beginning to suspect it's my attitude more than anything. My kids are very intense (especially no1 who is very spirited, up at 5 every day and constantly seeking new things) but I think it's time to be more 'present' within my domestic situation, rather than trying to avoid it as I do a bit with blogging and crafting (even though that can seem like I'm embracing things!).

    Blah, sorry that was long, but therapeutic for me to write. Another great post to think about Rachel... let's see what changes emerge from your thoughts. For both of us!


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