Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We'll put The Little One to bed.

Pop some corn.

Throw a mattress down on the lounge room floor.

Add a doona and some pillows.

And watch Dirty Dancing.

(or Point Break if my beloved has his way)

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  1. Sounds divine. Apart from Point Break :-)

  2. Yes, there would be a similar situation in my house - Dirty Dancing for me, Point Break for hubby.

    I feel very sorry for his wife, they had been together for over 3o years and she watched as he fought the cancer and then lost him. Heartbreaking.

  3. my god, how in love with him was I? sad. very sad.

  4. I'm glad you girls are on my wave length.

    A few people thought I was sharing about my plans for further procreation.

  5. Ah the memories that Dirty Dancing brings back... [sigh] R.I.P. Patrick xxx


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